Our Company.

It's not just business,

it's personal.

Leadership Team

  • Glenn Clayton, CEO

    Glenn Clayton


  • Adam Campbell, CTO

    Adam Campbell


  • Kevin Phillips, CFO

    Kevin Phillips


  • Noel Hillman, CRO

    Noel Hillman


At the core,
we stand by our values.


It’s honorable to have integrity and do the right thing, but to be upstanding is to not only have a strong moral foundation, but to act it out consistently in a forthright, honest way.


More than mere respect —which is something that is earned, not given — dignity is about recognizing the inherent value and worth of the workers and workplaces we serve.

Pioneer Soul.

The pioneer’s path is about possessing a strong enough desire for change that one is willing to set out on a new journey — unpromised and potentially risky — that nonetheless represents the opportunity to seek a better future.

Ruthlessly Considered.

We do not believe in being all things to all people, or to serve customers with an endless variety of options and choices. Rather, we have strong beliefs around what works and what doesn’t, and we use this to inform an extraordinarily simple product experience.

Playfully Frank.

While mission is important, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Spur embraces its playful, quirky nature, and believes that allowing people to be themselves is an important part of what makes the company feel like a family. And like any good family, we don’t sugarcoat things, and encourage a high level of honesty.