Free HR and payroll for hourly workforces.

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Invest more into your workforce.

We enable great managers and business owners to invest more into their hard working employees by reducing the amount of time and money they spend on HR, payroll and benefits.

Spur offers an easy-to-use, free HR and payroll platform as well as unique benefits specifically curated for hard working people.

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HR Management.

The easiest way to hire, onboard and manage your workforce. Spur makes hiring and onboarding simple. Regardless of the size of your workforce, we make it easy to manage your employee files.

Three window display of Spur's employee onboarding mobile app Three window display of Spur's mobile app employee managementSpur scheduling app displaying weekly assignmentsSpur time and pay app displaying worker pay ratesMobile and desktop version of Spur's health insurance benefits

Ready to focus on people not paperwork?