Streamline & Save on HR and Payroll.

Focus on people, not paperwork

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Focus on growing your franchise rather than HR, compliance, onboarding new employees, running payroll and administering benefits. Spur automates your burdensome back-office tasks for an affordable price saving you time and money.

  • All-in-one HR system

    Manage HR, payroll, benefits, scheduling and timekeeping for your franchise all in one platform.

  • Paperless & fast onboarding

    Speed up employee onboarding with our 15-minute mobile app onboarding.

  • Digital scheduling and time keeping

    No more lost paper schedules and inaccurate timekeeping with our fully digital scheduling and time management.

  • Automated payroll

    Full service weekly payroll that’s automated and autonomous meaning you never have to worry about running payroll again. Plus, we handle 940s, 941s, W2s, new hire reporting, and more.

  • Real time data

    Access real-time location insights like when and where your employees are working in real time.

  • Streamlined scalability

    Easily add new locations as your franchise grows and manage all schedules, payroll, and more in one place.

  • Simplified benefits administration

    Leave benefits administration to us. No more meeting with brokers and doing it on your own. Now you can offer benefits your hourly workers want and value including affordable health insurance.

“I like Spur because it’s free, it keeps my business organized and it frees up my time to spend on revenue-generating activities.”

- Oluwaseun G., Area Director and Owner,
Club Z! Tutoring of Odenton

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Case study

McAlister’s Deli - Rome, GA

McAlister’s Deli (Rome, GA location) is owned by Georgia-based Rome Food, LLC. Rome Food will be opening five new McAlister’s Deli franchise locations over the next year. McAlister’s Deli is an award-winning restaurant known for its sandwiches, sweet tea and hospitality.

Prior to partnering with Spur, McAlister’s Deli (Rome, GA) was struggling with payroll taking up too much time and being a tedious process. Furthermore, being in the restaurant industry (an average 75% turnover according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) means they struggle with high turnover making onboarding new employees a constant, time-consuming task.

Customer Since:
August 2020
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Hourly Employees:
Salaried Employees:

The Results

  • Allow new hourly employees to self-onboard in 15 minutes through the Spur mobile app.
  • Eliminate manual employee administration tasks.
  • Focus more on their operations and less on payroll and HR tasks.
  • Use Spur to process payroll for salaried employees.

Simplify your HR.