Simplify HR with automated, paperless solutions.

The easiest way to hire, onboard, and manage your workforce.

Hiring & Onboarding.

Spur makes hiring and onboarding your employees simple. Our mobile onboarding wizard eliminates time consuming paperwork and allows you to get new employees ready-to-work in as little as 15 minutes.

Spur mobile app employee onboarding

Employee Management.

Spur makes it easy to manage all pertinent employee files. Your workforce can use our self-service mobile app to update their employment documents or payment preferences any time.

Spur mobile app self-service employment files

Compliance Management.

Tired of worrying about things like new hire reporting, employee handbooks, EEO reporting, e-verify, and other complicated employment rules? Spur takes care of all of these and more on your behalf.

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Workers Comp Insurance.

Spur can provide a turnkey workers comp solution for your business that includes insurance coverage as well as claims management.

Benefits administrator app displaying medical benefits


Spur can also handle unemployment claims management to help keep your SUTA rates low so that you can spend more time and money on what matters - your employees.

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Ready to focus on people not paperwork?