Reduce labor costs & increase employee retention.

Focus on customer relations rather than your operations.

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Back-office tasks like employee onboarding, schedule management, timekeeping and payroll are a time-consuming aspect of your staffing company’s operations. Tools that help with these tasks are often separate, expensive and outdated.

Spur’s all-in-one HR software delivers an improved experience for your team at an affordable price.

  • One System

    Create customer accounts to manage employee qualifications, requisitions, dispatching, scheduling and payroll and billing processing with our all-in-one software.

  • Better Worker Experience

    Your employees can onboard, clock in and out, manage their schedule, and access their pay and benefits all through Spur’s mobile app.

  • Fast and Accurate Payroll

    Workers simply record their time and are paid according to your compensation rules. We handle all tax filings, garnishments, withholdings and government reporting/notice.

  • No Billing Errors or Decreased DSO

    Drive down DSO by making less payroll and billing adjustments with our fully integrated and compliant scheduling, timekeeping and payroll system.

  • 15-Minute Employee Onboarding

    Easy, intuitive and self-directed employee onboarding right from their smartphone 24/7/365 and in less than 15 minutes.

  • Intuitive Scheduling

    Automate worker scheduling based on availability, qualifications and customer requirements with our digital requisition and scheduling system.

  • Efficient and Accurate Customer Billing

    Ensure alignment between payroll and customer billing with our accurate invoices that match payroll records and include markups by employee, position, and/or location.

Case study

“We understand the staffing business because that’s where we got our start.”

Improved Employee Experience

Spur Staffing used the Spur app to quickly onboard workers and then assign them to specific jobs and shifts.

  • The workers were able to browse jobs they qualify for and select shifts that fit their schedule through the Spur app.
  • Spur automated much of the scheduling and dispatching and also notified workers of shifts, qualifications and more.

This resulted in higher fill rates and more satisfied employees and customers.

Automated Payroll Processing

  • Customers were able to review, dispute and approve time worked using Spur’s simple and intuitive time review.
  • Payroll was automatically processed for all customer-approved time.
  • All tax and withholding calculations as well as 940/941 filings, W2’s, etc. were also taken care of saving significant time.

Simplified Customer Invoicing

  • Invoices were easy to create.
  • Spur stored mark-ups, billing rules, GL accounts and more which made creating detailed customer billing reports simple.
  • Invoice corrections were almost non-existent thanks to Spur allowing customers to review and approve time before being processed.

Staffing KPIs before implementing Spur:

Onboarding Time:
5 Days
Turnover Rate:

Staffing KPIs after implementing Spur:

Onboarding Time:
20 Minutes
Turnover Rate:

The Results

  • Eliminated manual processes and reduced back-office costs by 45%+.
  • Reduced DSO from 50 days to under 20 days due to improved speed and accuracy of billing.
  • Decreased new employee onboarding time to less than 20 minutes.
  • Doubled employee retention by implementing curated benefits program.

Simplify your HR.