Meet The Team.

Hey, We're Spur

We believe that happiness is the key to success and not the other way around. That’s why we strive to create an environment where happiness can thrive. One where diverse opinions are not just welcomed, but required. Where behaving honorably, working hard and doing right by others is rewarded.

A happier, more satisfying workplace is not just something we relentlessly pursue within the four walls of our company, it’s how we envision the future of employment.

  • Margie Beck

    Margie Beck

    Senior Payroll Specialist

  • Payton Brown

    Payton Brown

    Head of Product Design

  • David Burns

    David Burns

    IT Specialist

  • Adam Campbell

    Adam Campbell

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Jason Chung

    Jason Chung


  • Glenn Clayton

    Glenn Clayton


  • Jennifer Crozier

    Jennifer Crozier

    Director of Accounting

  • Steve Daily

    Steve Daily

    Back-End Engineer

  • Andrew Darts

    Andrew Darts

    Web Engineer

  • Sager Davidson

    Sager Davidson

    Head of Engineering

  • Thom Davis

    Thom Davis

    Senior Back-End Engineer

  • Melissa DeBolt

    Melissa DeBolt

    Brand Marketing Manager

  • Donnie Decker

    Donnie Decker

    Head of Operations

  • Stacy Ellis

    Stacy Ellis

    People Operations Administrator

  • Matt Grimes

    Matt Grimes

    Financial Analyst

  • Garrett Grohman

    Garrett Grohman

    Enterprise Sales

  • Chris Hand

    Chris Hand

    Head of Product Operations

  • Gary Henderson

    Gary Henderson

    Director of Sales Operations

  • Stephanie Hightower

    Stephanie Hightower

    QA Tester

  • Yaz Jallad

    Yaz Jallad

    Back-End Engineer

  • Diana Jean

    Diana Jean

    Payroll Analyst

  • Richard McDaniel

    Richard McDaniel

    Senior Back-End Engineer

  • Will Meadows

    Will Meadows

    Compliance Manager

  • Will Ogles

    Will Ogles

    Head of Development

  • Jackson Owens

    Jackson Owens

    Product Designer

  • James Parkes

    James Parkes

    Front-End Engineer

  • Jarrod Parkes

    Jarrod Parkes

    iOS Engineer

  • Michael Pettigrew

    Michael Pettigrew

    QA Lead

  • Matt Petty

    Matt Petty

    Senior Back-End Engineer

  • Tony Phipps

    Tony Phipps

    Back-End Engineer

  • Nicole Reynolds

    Nicole Reynolds

    SMB Account Executive

  • Sheena Setayesh

    Sheena Setayesh

    Product Owner

  • Tom Spindle

    Tom Spindle

    Product Owner

  • Corey Steen

    Corey Steen

    Product Manager

  • Aidan Sullivan

    Aidan Sullivan

    Back-End Engineer

  • Chukwuemeka Tasie

    Chukwuemeka Tasie

    QA Tester

  • Jason Taylor

    Jason Taylor

    Accounting Generalist

  • Sam Wear

    Sam Wear

    QA Tester

  • Allison Woods

    Allison Woods

    Office Manager / Executive Assistant